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Inventory Losses are disastrous. Freight Insurance Coverage protects you, offering the broadest All-Risk Coverage options.

cargo ship wreck with containers in ocean
cargo plane crashcargo train wreckage
On average, a standard cargo            shipment is loaded 
      and unloaded
4 to 6 times
throughout its journey. 
          Each step increases the 
risk of breakage,
 theft, and lost and damaged items.

On average, a standard cargo shipment is loaded and unloaded 4 to 6 times throughout its journey. Each step increases the risk of breakage, theft, and lost and damaged items.

Introduction to Cargo Insurance for all Kinds of FREIGHT

When freight needs to be moved, it also needs to be protected. Every shipment is an investment you’ve made in goods and inventory. Comprehensive insurance coverage through all-risk policies offers the most protection against a variety of troubles. 

  • Total Loss and Theft
  • External Damages to Goods
  • Free From Burden of Proof

No matter how sturdy the goods are, accidents can and will happen. Protection from Freight Insurance Coverage, powered by R+L Global Logistics, can offer policies tailored to individual shipments worldwide. Insurance costs themselves are minor when compared to the daunting possibility of replacing the value of your freight on your own.

What Does Unexpected Inventory Loss Really Cost Your Business?

Painful Costs
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Expediated replacement freight
  • Storage and removal of damaged cargo
  • Labor costs of claim filing
Long-Term Consequences
  • Suffering business reputation
  • Cancelled deliveries and contracts
  • Customers seeking new suppliers
  • Future revenue loss
Stressed Businessman
Damaged Cargocargo ship wreck with containers in ocean

Cargo and Freight Coverage for Land, Sea, and Air Transport

Gain affordable protection with coverage policies and easy claim filing services.
Competitive Rates
Secure cargo coverage for just a fraction of a shipment’s total worth. Rates are available even for high-value/high-risk shipments.
Secure and Convenient
Take advantage of in-house handling of premium calculations and cutting of insurance certificates. Cargo is handled according to set Standards of Care.
Reliable Claims Management
We’ll guide you through the claim filing process as needed, making sure that information is being entered correctly as you go through the steps.
Highest Rated Insurers
We believe our clients deserve the best for their shipments, so we’ve partnered with the most reliable and well-rated insurance providers in the business.

Protect Your Freight Today

Hope is not a strategy. When your freight meets the road, it means uncertainty.

Let’s protect your freight instantly with Freight Insurance Coverage.

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