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Don't Worry About What May Happen, We'll Protect Your Inventory ...and Your Livelihood

Freight Insurance Will Be Your Shield From the Dangers and Perils Of Ground, Air and Sea Transportation Methods

Freight Insurance Coverage can transport your goods using multiple modes of shipping. For ground shipments, we utilize a large fleet of trucks to transport freight from one destination to the next.

When it comes to international shipping, we offer both international air and ocean freight transportation. Both of these shipping options are reliable when you’re moving goods between countries. Air shipping is best used for shipments that need to be transported in a hurry while ocean freight is good for bulk shipments.

All freight shipped with us will have insurance automatically applied to it, regardless of transportation mode.

Meet Our President

Rob Bowman
Rob Bowman

As president, Rob Bowman is the leader of the R+L Global brand family of companies including Heavy Haul and Oversized. Rob has over 30 years of administrative logistics, supply chain, and truckload experience. Rob’s central focus remains fixed on the company's ability to provide world-class customer service and a white glove experience that is unmatched in the industry. His drive and dedication have not only led to success but have set the bar for the entire industry.

Protection From All Kinds Of Disasters

While we handle every shipment with care, there are many factors beyond our control that can harm your freight while it’s in transit. Having freight insurance can compensate you financially in case any of the following causes your cargo damage:
  • Weather
  • Poor packaging
  • Accidents
  • Losses
There’s always a chance that your freight can suffer damage or loss of some sort while it’s in transit. The chances of this happening increase the further your freight travels. Nonetheless, freight insurance is good to have for shipments of all distances because you’ll always have the assurance that your cargo will be covered.
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Stressed BusinessmanCargo Train Wreck

Protect Your Freight and Your Business Investments In One Step

Your freight is never completely safe, so make sure you’re always protected from the dangers of shipping.
If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at (866) 975-0749.

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